Your Role is Significant

“A leader is one who influences a specific group of people to move in a God-given direction.” —
J. Robert Clinton
The army had a slogan a few years ago, “Army of One.” At first glance it sounds arrogant that one person could represent the army. But think about this. It took only one person, David a shepherd boy, to defeat Goliath in the Old Testament and it took only one smooth stone to eliminate the threat that was causing a nation to tremble and shake with fear.
We sometime have the tendency to compare our lives with those we see on television or in the public arena and think that our lives are insignificant compared to others. How wrong you are! If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, your life is potentially the most significant life in your sphere of influence.
Leadership is not only about leading armies, or aspiring to the presidency of a corporation or nation, it is all about influence. If you can influence even one person to Jesus Christ, your life is significant for without you there would be one person less in the Kingdom of God and one person more facing eternal punishment and hell.
As we watch the Presidential election 2016, it is certain that every person’s vote in America is significant.  And, as some has said, it is the one time that everyone is playing on a level field.
Regardless of the outcome, believers know that God is in control and the outcome of this election has been decided in the prayer closets of millions of believers.  For God, who hears in secret, does reward His people openly.
Make a difference this week.  Cast your vote for men and women who share those values found in the pages of God’s Word.  If you do, then God will use your vote as a sign to an unbelieving world that Jesus is Lord over America!

Welcome to three new Professors at Promise:  (Check our Calendar for Start Dates at

      Dr. Patricia Venegas, Class of 2015, “Soul Care for Pastors”
      Dr.  Jun Cabuntug, Class of 2012, “Theology of Work”
      Dr. Mike Wilson, “Christians in the 21st Century”
These classes are cutting edge classes for the pastor, Christian leader and counselor.   Academics plus the supernatural is our goal in educating the next generation of Christian Leaders.
Dr. Mike McKinney
President and Founder

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