60 units of required core Bible Courses and 4 Units Personal Ministry.
Student who have completed multiple liberal arts courses in community college may be able to transfer most of those units to Promise to satisfy the 1st and 2nd year requirements. Please submit transcripts with your application. These courses will fulfill all the requirements of the Associate degree in Biblical Studies.

First Year
ENG2023 -- Writing Tools
BIB1011 -- Intro to the Bible
MT3003 – Biblical Stewardship
BIB1063 – Life of Christ
PAS 1023 --Spiritual Formation
BIB1033 – Old Testament Survey I
PAS2052 – Intercessory Prayer
MS1010 – Intro to Missions
PAS1020 – The Christian Life


Second Year
BIB1043 – Old Testament Survey 2
SM1120 – Worship
BIB2064 – Book of Acts I
PAS1101 - Intro to Ministry
BIB1202 – Holy Spirit
MS1103 – Evangelism
BIB1201 – Doctrine of Salvation
BIB1210 - Intro to Church History
CE2503 – Teaching the Word of Truth
CC1001 – Intro to Christian Counseling


Students will be required to complete a total of 120 in Bible Theology plus 8 units in Personal Ministry. Bachelor of Religious Studies students may enroll in courses in the Masters program as long as pre-requisites have been satisfied.

Requirements: Associate Degree in Biblical Studies or equivalent 60 Units Religious Studies and 4 Units of Personal Ministry.

Students may also request credit for Missionary Trips, Special teaching conferences and courses taught or developed by the student for church. Promise Christian University also allows students to select an emphasis. Students then can substitute 25% of their required courses for their emphasis:

  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Christian Counseling
  • Christian Organizational Management
  • Missions and Evangelism
  • Media and Ministry
  • Old Testament/New Testament
  • Christian Education
  • Church History