In 2002, when Dr. Mike McKinney was praying about the establishing of a new Bible school for the purpose of preparing men and women for ministry, and for helping pastors of smaller churches obtain their advance degree theology, the Lord gave him the vision of putting together the supernatural with the academic.

In the early days of the Foursquare Movement Rev. Aimee McPherson, their founder, would teach some of the classes personally. His mother, Geraldine McKinney, a student at LIFE in the 1930’s, told him many times of how Sis. Aimee would teach her class on the Holy Spirit. It was not only academic, it was experiential. It was supernatural. The power of God would so move in the class that the students spent most of the hour in worship and praise. These student would someday turn the world upside down for Jesus Christ.

He also recognized that seminaries were producing academically sound students who could apologize the Word but when asked to pray for the sick they were bewildered. They didn’t know how to pray for the sick in the hospital.

We considered naming the school “World for Jesus” but the Lord gave him a better name, “Promise Christian University, College and Seminary,” for students with promise. Hebrews 10;23.

So Promise Christian University is owned and operated under the auspices of World for Jesus International Christian Center and Ministries and has been since 2002.

Bureau of Private Post Secondary Education in 2002 granted Promise Christian University “religious exemption” as a Church operated and owned school.

We are thankful for the Pastors Network of Southern California and Network of Churches for supporting Promise Christian University as a school that would provide the tools necessary for them to become more effective in ministry.

In 2006 the Chaplains Training department was started as there was a need to for pastors and ordained minister to understand the difference between a pastor and a chaplain. This school has graduated more than 40 candidates. One qualified student joined the California National Guard as a Chaplain; another student continued on to fulfill the requirements to become a certified hospital chaplain; others became police chaplains, volunteer chaplains for prison, sheriffs, and local volunteer hospital chaplains. Then most joined a volunteer military organization to provide Military Funeral Honors for our nation’s veterans through the AP3 program.

We have seen through the years, the pastors in our network and marketplace travel to the nations trained and prepared to establish, medical missions, schools for orphans, churches and training institution.

Some of our graduates have gone on to become publishers of Christian literature as well as books to help new Christians grow, church planting, leadership and spiritual formation.

The vision of Promise Christian University, College and Seminary is to make available and equip global Christian leaders with the knowledge and skills to impact the 21st century,” and beyond in the ministry and the marketplace.

Our students come from our network of churches. Students must belong to a local church or a church within the network. Students need to have their pastors recommendation in order to enroll at Promise.

We are grateful for the 16 years we have been raising up members of the Body of Christ.

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