God’s Mandate for Transforming Your Nations


Dexter Low’s new book, “God’s Mandate for the Nations,” is out in bookstores all over the world.

He held his first USA book signing event at Barnes and Noble in Glendora, CA.  He is now a sought after speaker a major Christian strategic ministry events.

Who is Dr. Dexter Low?

As a young student from Malaysia he enrolled at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena during the 1980s.  He had the opportunity to study under great men of God.  Because of his influence one of his professors, the now famous, Dr. Peter Wagner, who just went home to be with the Lord.  Because of Dexter’s encouragement, Dr. Wagner launched out into his own ministry and began to write books that have impacted the Christian world.

Dexter Low was the prophetic voice from Asia that influenced “Spiritual Warfare,” “Territorial Spirits,” “Nation Transformation,”  “Marketplace Leadership,” and many, many more breakthroughs that are now accepted by the Western Christian World.

Dr. Low is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary and Promise Christian University.  He is a mentor and father in the Lord to many thriving ministries today.  A very humble man, Dr. Low believes that it’s not how loud you are, it is how you impact the next generation for Jesus Christ with wisdom and compassion.

Check this book out today!  Dr. Low and his wife, Dr. Lily Low are both Alumni of Promise Christian University Class of 2003.

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