Meet Our Staff

Dr. Michael T. McKinney

Dr. Michael T. McKinney


Dr. Enrico Giorgio

Vice President and Provost

Dr. Adelle McKinney

Registrar, VP Marketing

Dr. Jackie Hornsby

Assistant Academic Dean
Belen Mananes-Yu

Dr. Belen Mananes-Yu

Financial Services
Our Faculty 

  • Moussa Bongoyok, Ph.D. Professor of Intercultural and Islamic Studies
  • Enrico Giorgio, D.RS, Professor of Systematic Theology and Church Administration
  • Jackie Hornsby, D.RS, Professor of Leadership and Counseling
  • Inocencio “Jun” Cabantug, D.Min Professor of Pastoral Theology
  • Paul England, D.Min, Professor of Systematic Theology
  • Joseph Eddings, Th.D. Professor of Discipleship and Spiritual Formation
  • Jerry Howell, D.Min, Profession of Counseling and Child Development
  • Victor Khalil, Ph.D. Professor of Islamic Studies and Contextual Theology
  • Michael McKinney, Ph. D., Th.D. Professor of Leadership and Missiology
  • Adelle McKinney, Th.D. Ch. Ed. Professor of Christian Education
Associate Professors

  • Albert Aguilar, D.RS, BCC - Associate Professor of Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy
  • Ken Clowdus, Esq - Associate Professor of Ethics and Church Government
  • Barbara McCaffrey, D.RS Associate Professor of New Testament Studies
  • Mila Mercader, MS - Associate Professor of Marketplace Ministry
  • Didacus Oparocha, D.RS Associate Professor of Leadership an Systematic Theology
  • Shirley O'Veal, D.RS Associate Professor of Christian Education
  • Jerry Prickett, Th.M - Associate Professor of Military and Civil Leadership and Management
  • Forrest Turpen, MA, Associate Professor of Old Testament Studies
  • Patricia Venegas, M.RS Professor of Counseling and Hebraic Roots