"To Equip Global Christian Leaders with the Knowledge and Skills to Impact the 21st Century," in ministry and the marketplace.

Today, Promise recognizes the fact that Christians who have spent their lives 20-30 years in a particular vocation are looking for ways to make a difference in the second half of their careers.  Since 2003, Promise has graduated doctors, nurses, engineers, business men/women, marketplace professionals, mental health professionals, retired military men and women, with degrees in Ministry, Theology, Divinity and Religious studies giving them the Biblical foundation they need to be successful in the ministry God has called them too.

Promise Christian University, composed of the College and Graduate School was started with the vision and with the purpose of training men and women to become Christian Leaders in their generation in all areas of Christian ministry. Today that vision has enlarged to prepare men and women for leadership who are serving in the marketplace as well.  

This is accomplished without taken any financial support from the government, without burdening our graduates with high unpaid tuition, but through the Partners of Promise investing in preparing men and women to be leaders of integrity and character in our generation.



  • To equip Global Christian Leaders for the 21st Century ministry.
  • To educate, equip and inspire Christian leaders to fulfill the destiny God has called them to.
  • To empact the world for Jesus Christ through missions, evangelism, education, the arts, government, and Christian business
  • To raise up the next generation of pastors, missionaries, evangelists, Christian teachers and Marketplace leaders.
  • To encourage pastors of small churches through Promise’s network of ministries to complete their earned theological degree.
  • To establish academic study centers internationally.
  • To initiate  an endowment fund of $20 Million to sustain the University financially in years to come.
  • To establish a new media and broadcasting center for the School of Media and Ministry
  • To implement the 5 ES - Equip, Empower, Encourage, Enlarge, Expand,
    together to Enfluence and Empact our culture for Jesus Christ.t
    (Enfluence and Empact are not mis-spelled.  The meaning is that we are personally
    involved in influencing and impacting the seven mountains of influence in our culture)