Key to True Success


The key to true success is not about me, but it is in bringing out the best in others

They said a lamb leading an army shall surely fail to win any victories. However, a Lion leading an army of lambs can transform them into lions.

If you often wonder how the office girl or the mail room guy made it to the top to be a Director, a CEO, or a President, then you should look at their attitude and work ethic.

1. They seek excellence in all they do, whether delivering the mail or making the coffee.

2. They are great observers and learners. They notice the needs of others. They learn the good, the bad and the ugly and they understand the consequences of being the bad and the ugly.

3. They are team players. They don’t care who gets the credit as long as the job, mission is accomplished.

4. They are humble in the sense that when they earn the recognition they deserve it  doesn’t go to their heads.

5. They are problem solvers. They see the big picture, both the management side and the employee side of it, and they know how to compromise to find solutions to make it work.

6. They are learners. Once they decide which path to pursue, they educate themselves through available classes, workshops and mentoring sessions with seasoned leaders.

7. They are comfortable and satisfied in their hearts that this is the path, destiny that has been chosen and ordained for them and they are at peace.

8.  They understand spiritual alignment.  There is the Sun, the Moon and Earth.  Each one has it’s own distinctive path and we need to be in submission to those in leadership as one day it will be our turn to lead.

No man is an island. In the road to success, we all need the help of others. And, the more we encourage and help others to succeed, the more others will help us. The law of “what so ever you sow, you shall reap” and “what goes round comes around” are both historical true facts of life.

The sooner we learn that life is not all about me, the sooner, we will find the rewarding experience we have been searching for and then, we will discover and understand what true success in the workplace is all about. 

One more thing, before you get to the top, reach out to the Creator for in Him is contained all the answers to the issues of life, then your success will be complete.  Success without Jesus, is no Success!

Dr. Michael and Adelle McKinney
President – Founders
Promise Christian University
World for Jesus International
The Promise Channel

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