This specialized 10 course degree program is designed especially for the busy pastor, evangelist, missionary, Christian worker. It is a total of 30 units and may be completed 100% externally /online.

Students may complete their entire degree program in Theology or students may select an emphasis in which part of the program will be completed with courses pertaining to the are of ministry they wish to emphasize.
The Master of Religious Studies is a two year program above the Bachelors degree. Upon completion of this degree program, ministry students can elect to take one additional year of study to earn the Master of Religious Studies or the Master of Theology degree.

Bible/Theology    60 Units
Total                      60 Units

Religious Studies
CL4213 Adv. Leadership
BIB2025 Intro to Greek
BIB2013 Pentateuch
BIB3152 Anthropology
BIB3030Life and Teachings of Jesus
PAS4025 Ministerial Ethics
BIB3153 Eschatology
BIB3013 Church History 3
MS3100 Environmental Analysis
BIB3151 Bibliology
PAS3100 Transformative Preaching
PAS3206 Works of Christ 3
BIB3043 Minor Prophets
Plus Ministry Project elective.

Divinity Major


Professional Ministry credits can been gleaned from available courses, online or external study courses.
Students may also elect to develop a ministry project with the approval of their academic advisor.

Such projects would be:

  • Planting of a church
  • Organizing a new ministry
  • Missionary endeavors
  • Non-profits religious exempt
  • organizations

Master of Religious Studies     30 Units
Pastoral Ministry                       30 Units
Professional Ministry               30 Units
Total                                            90 Units

MASTER OF MINISTRY : Contact PCU for information

Divinity Major
30 Units in Religious Studies Plus MS3063 - Issues in Ministry MS2252 - Methodologies of Multiplication
PAS1511 - Vision and Values
PAS30115 - Leadership Principles
PAS3023 - The Holy Spirit
PAS3215 - Leading in a Multi Cultural Society
CL4018 - Pastoral Care and Counseling
CB - 3011 Bible and Business Ethics
CC-3011 Pastoral Care
BIB3156 - Soteriology
BIB4123 - Historical Books