Doctoral Degree Programs

Doctoral candidates may take complete (30 Units) to earn the Doctor of Ministry degree. Then students can elect an additional year to earn the Doctor of Religious Studies or Doctor of Theology degree.

  • Doctor of Ministry      30 Units (1 Year) plus 30 Units Practical Ministry
  • Doctor of Religious Studies 30 Units (2 years)
  • Doctor of Theology 30 Units (2 years)

Doctor programs require an original dissertation of not less than 100 pages25,000 words.

30 Units plus Ministry plus 60 hours of Ministry Independent and Directed Studies
BIB 3154 - Four Gospels
CL4200 - Divine Destiny
BIB5215 - Ministry Seminar
PAS3216 - Kingdom Living
BIB5210 - Directed Studies (15) Selected Courses on Students Emphasis

This program is a directed study and research program on the emphasis and major that the student selects. All students will be required to submit an original dissertation of not less than100 pages25,000 words double spaced - type 12 Arial or Times New Roman via CD and two (2) hard copies.

      • Directed Study and Research
      • Counseling Practicum
      • Curriculum Development
      • Philosophy
      • Field Study
      • Research and Dissertation
      • Curriculum Development
      • Education for Responsible
      • Action
      • History of Christian Education
      • Professional Project
      • Professional Educator

      60 Units plus Graduate Project

      BIB5005 - Basic Questions in Theology
      BIB5003 - Bible and Higher Criticism
      CE5016 - Curriculum Dev. (6)
      CC5000 - Spiritual Formation
      BIB5063 - Bioethics Dissertation
      BIB5001 - Issues of Theological Conflict
      BIB5205 - Ministry Project Forgiveness of Sins Fruits of the Spirit

       The student will be assigned to a mentor who will guide him/her through the process. Reading assignments equal to 2,500 pages or 25 books are required. One bound copies are to be submitted for evaluation and a copy of the dissertation on CD disc not less than 75-80 pages. Students who receive a grade of “B+ or higher” may at the discretion of PCU have their thesis published in paperback book form to be added to PCU’s reference library. (All copyrights belongs to the author with rights of publishing and use of materials to Promise Christian University).

      Step 1:Approval of Topic

      Step 2:Approval of reading assignment, outline

      Step 3:First draft

      Step 4:Final draft