Dr. Michael McKinney

Dear Fellow Laborer in Christ!

“He is Faithful that Promised,” Heb. 10:23

Fulfilling God’s Promise with a Spirit of Excellence. The harvest is great and the laborers are few. It is almost impossible for those who are divinely called to ministry to take time off and away from churches and responsibilities to pursue the dream of a completing a Theological education. This is why I am so excited about the opportunity God has placed within our hands.

As a full-time Christian Minister and/or worker you can now achieve your dream of an EARNED DEGREE through the Promise Christian University (Promise – PCU). Promise was founded to offer classroom and external study instruction for Pastors and Christian Leaders without incurring a huge financial burden.

The heart of this school is to Equip, Empower, Encourage, Enlarge and Educate God's people so that they in turn can "Enfluence" and "Empact" their nations in our generous for Jesus Christ.  (See www.5es.us).

We see the potential in men and women everyday in the church world and in the marketplace to be used of God, to be a witness and a light. 

Today our graduates are working all over the world, preaching, teaching, and healing.  Equipping and empowering leadership is essential in today's modern world.  Promise was established to do that. 


  • To equip them with the necessary tools to be successful in ministry.


  • To empower Christian leaders by the Holy Spirit and impartation for service.


  • To encourage them that they can fulfill the vision that God has given to them.


  • To enlarge their tent, to go beyond the four walls of the church to the nations of
    the world.


  • To educate them by bringing qualified and accredited men and women with 20
    years or more of active ministry, education and credentials to impart and
    educate the next generation of leaders.


Promise is not an ordinary learning institution.  Promise's goal is to produce leaders. Leaders who will take their place in the seven or ten mountains of our culture: the family, the church, education, government, politics, science & technology, arts & entertainment, media, medical, sports, and military.  Our primary emphasis is Biblical based learning.

Promise offers undergraduate and graduate programs. In addition, Promise, accepts transfer units from both accredited and non-accredited Bible colleges, schools and seminaries. Promise will consider Life Experience for those of you who have been in the ministry for a minimum of 5 years.

It is my belief that the man/woman of God must be thoroughly furnished and equipped to meet the on-going challenges of ministering in age of technological advances. Through Promise, you have that opportunity to fulfill the dream of receiving an earned degree in Theology with an emphasis Christian Organizational Management, Ministry, Christian Leadership, Religious and Biblical Studies. Plus Promise Christian University was one of the first schools to offer a Certificate in Chaplaincy and a Certificate in Media and Ministry. Please do not hesitate! In no time at all, it will be graduation time!

Yours in His Harvest Field,

Michael McKinney, Ph.D.